I have been working with Brandy now for a while and she has work wonders with me. It’s amazing the types of limitations and walls we construct in our own mind that limit our potential. It’s even more amazing that we are completely unaware that this has happened. The last year and a half has been extremely difficult for me both personally and professionally. Brandy’s guidance and inspiration have helped open up my world and allowed me to achieve many of my goals. The most important being overall happiness and sense of purpose in life. I can’t thank her enough and look forward to our continued success together.

Iain, CA

Brandy helped me navigate through some of the self-defeating thought patterns that kept me from moving forward in certain areas of my life. With her guidance, I learned the importance and practice of self love, which has empowered me to take action in those same areas. Now, not only have I found more meaning in pursuing a new path to take , I also believe that I deserve the happiness that has come with doing so. Thank you so much for all of your insight and encouragement!

June, WA

Working with Brandy has been one of the best decisions I have made. She helped to guide me to empower myself to go after the things that are true to my heart. I feel she sees me for the person I really am. She is extremely relatable and I never feel she is above me, but yet right beside me helping me along the way. I have worked with many coaches and working with Brandy has really helped me to take things to another level that I didn’t know were attainable. Will definitely continue to work with this gem.

Amber, CA

As a result of Brandy’s guidance, I was able to understand my partner better and create better interactions.

Brandy has a way of seeing from a birdseye view, but with eagle vision. Her poignant questions cut to the chase and her intuitive approach was spot on. She was able to pinpoint a negative habit that had formed in a non-judgemental way and empowered us with tools to fix it. We had been in a critical space and she offered specific tactics to reframe our mindset and get back to gratitude.

She has a way of presenting herself information that makes you feel that it’s okay to be vulnerable. When she is talking to you, she feels like a spiritual or pure reflection of yourself. It causes you to be honest with yourself, because she helps you to see it objectively.

Brandy is a huge asset in all the lives that she touches. She is like your personal magic maker to help you achieve what you lnow is possible, but aren’t sure how.

Jaqueline, WA

I found Brandy in a time of desperate need when I was coming out of a narcissistic abusive relationship with a man. Brandy was quick to meet with and gave me her undivided attention while explaining my situation and emptiness. Brandy guided me slowly through her process, listened to every detail and made me feel absolutely heard and cared about. After my first session with Brandy I felt like I had found not just a friend but someone who genuinely cared for my situation. This proved to be completely true when I met with her again and she remembered the littlest details I had shared with her and this made me feel completely validated. As I’ve continued my sessions with Brandy she has opened my heart and my mind to new ideas and ways of thinking – and now 9 months later of working with her I can truly tell you she was instrumental in my healing process – finding ways to love my own self, positive ways to cope, and find peace. I would recommend Brandy’s services to absolutely anyone who is looking for a coach in life that is caring, affordable and professional. Brandy does not disappoint. Thank you Brandy for all you’ve done for me!

Mary, AZ

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brandy several times now and each time I have been impressed with her professionalism, her subject matter expertise and her approach to helping me attain my goals.

Brandy has a clear mastery of the skills she has studied throughout her coursework and career and has always shown dedication when helping me achieve personal growth. Her guidance is relevant and beneficial and has helped tremendously in several key areas of my life. Brandy always takes time to listen to what I’m saying and helps me dig deeply to understand what my needs truly are. In addition, she has helped me maintain a high degree of accountability without adding unwanted pressure.

Brandy’s background and experiences provide her with a unique understanding and insight into some of the challenges I have faced. She shows great compassion and empathy in her work while maintaining a distinct air of professionalism. Her coaching has helped me in more ways than I can express, and I certainly look forward to working with her many more times in the future. Highest recommendation!

Sam, WA

Brandy has helped me tremendously. Not only is she intuitive and easy to talk to, she has this inner wisdom that you would expect from someone much older. It’s as if she has lived many past lives and brings forth her past knowledge from those lives. Brandy has been able to give me ways to look at things that I wouldn’t normally think of and helps me question my own patterns in a way that is very non-judgemental. I can honestly say that she saved me from making a crucial mistake that would have left me in the same old spot making the same old mistakes. Now I feel like I am on a good path forward and continue to work with Brandy. I can’t imagine not having her as my go-to person for life’s issues. So grateful that our paths crossed.

Melissa, AZ