Brandy S Kelly _ Go with Growth

Spiritual Growth & Empowerment Coach

Brandy S. Kelly is certified in Life Coaching, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Master Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®).

Through her own extensive transformational and spiritual journey, Brandy has become deeply passionate about serving and assisting others throughout their quest for personal growth and development.

She is aware of the level of commitment and determination that one must develop and embody in order to create new and lasting change.

Brandy has a deep understanding of heartache, loss, trauma, abuse, addiction, defeat, insecurity and self-sabotage.  She has experienced the feelings of being weighted down by emotional baggage.

Once she came to the realization that her thoughts and words shape her reality, Brandy knew it was time for her to reclaim her power and align her inner and outer worlds with the person she felt in her heart she was destined to be.

She decided to take action and she chose to stop dwelling on the pain and poor decisions of the past. She embraced life’s challenges and placed her focus on healing and becoming the very best version of herself.

Brandy learned to identify and clear out old limiting beliefs and negative programming.  She also learned to seek out the lessons and lean into trials and tribulations with courage, strength, faith and love.

She gave way to transmutation.  That was when she began to create a life that is in alignment with her truest desires.  One that is filled with continual growth, self-love, adventure, purpose, passion and play.

Like the caterpillar inside of the cocoon, Brandy allowed for the discomfort to transform her.  Her wings grew and she began to fly.


“Outside of my fears is an extraordinary adventure.” -Debbie Ford

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